Artistic Vision

Syrenka: Legend of the Warsaw Mermaid will visually convey a sense of timeless, contemplative, painterly beauty. It is a serious, reflective tale of old problems that are still with us today. The story revolves around a guardian mermaid who bears a sword and shield. The short is an act of feminist activism designed to amplify womxn’s voices and perspectives (inclusive of nonbinary, transgender, and gender-non-conforming folks). I am putting together an ethnically and culturally diverse womxn-centric team to strongly convey an aesthetic that emanates gender empowerment. This energy will be reflected in both the film’s visual and audio treatment.

The plot revolves around a mermaid, a creature of the water. Water will be the thematic centre of the film’s visual treatment. The colour palette will vary depending on time and location, but will predominantly feature varying tones of green, inky deep blues, and earthy browns. The backgrounds and overlay textures will be hand painted in watercolour. 

The short’s timeline will carry the audience from sunset to sunrise over the course of a single day. Each shot will feature a subtly different atmosphere, conveyed through colour and light: from the pinkish gold of the setting sun, through a purplish indigo moonless night, to a fire-red sunrise.
This sunset-to-sunrise colour story will reinforce the shifting emotions of the main characters.

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