The Characters

Wisława - The Mermaid

An otherworldly water being, Wisława is a warrior mermaid who bears a sword and shield. She is strong and confident but also intensely emotional. 

She has the power to bless those she loves with prosperity through the spell of her song.

Kinga - The Bar Matron

Kinga is a widow in her mid 40s. She owns and runs a public house with the help of her young daughter Mila. Life has not been kind to Kinga, so she has learned to be tough and impassive. Through necessity, she has accepted, maybe too readily, some of the gendered discriminatory realities of her world. 

Final Design and Character Exploration by Yassmine Kairouch

Mila - The Bar Maid

Mila is a young woman in her late teens, daughter of Kinga the bar matron. She is shy, sensitive, and inexperienced. She admires her mother greatly, and wants to make her proud by working hard alongside her.

Final Design and Character Exploration by Yassmine Kairouch

Radost - The Old Fisherman

Radost is a jovial, easy-going yet experienced old fisherman. A regular at Kinga’s   establishment, he loves nothing more than to relax after a hard day’s work over a tall glass. A bit of a dreamer, he emits a kind, simple energy.

Character Exploration by Yassmine Kairouch

Kazmir - The Young Fisherman

Kazmir, early 20s, is a young overconfident fisherman. Easily influenced, and with a need to constantly prove himself, Kazmir tends to make questionable choices to the detriment of those around him. A product of his environment, Kazmir embodies problematic social norms governed by the power of patriarchy.

Character Exploration by Yassmine Kairouch