Visual Development

Młoda Polska - Polish Art Nouveau 1890-1918

Lighting and Background Inspiration

As a Polish native, I have a particular love for the Młoda Polska art movement, especially the work of Stanislaw Wyspianski, which strongly promoted trends of art nouveau and symbolism. The almost graphic approach of his pastel drawings, lends itself beautifully to my style and my interpretation in the medium of Animation. By combining these influences with my own personal flair, I have created striking hand-drawn animations that captivate audiences and tell compelling stories. 

Concept Art

I am collaborating with amazing Concept Artists: Anna Podedworna, Rita Kaczmarska and Anna Moshak

to help me build the visual language and color story for the film.

Concept Art by Anna Podedworna

Concept Art by Rita Kaczmarska

Concept Art by Anna Moshak